Best Children’s Books for Black History Month

Best Children’s Books for Black History Month

Happy Black History Month Brunchies! Yet, another reason I love February (I mentioned my other reasons here). The Hubs and I have made a concerted effort to include books by black authors and with black characters in our children’s library. I think it’s so important for our children to see characters who look like them and read stories they can relate to. In celebration of Black History Month, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite books from the kids’ library that include black characters. Please leave a comment for any books you think should be added to this list.

Mary Had a Little Glam – My daughter loves this book. It’s a great modern day twist on a classic fairy tale.

Full, Full, Full, of Love – The foodie in me loves this story about a family gathering together for dinner at grandma’s house.

I Love My Hair – This story celebrates the complicated relationship black girls often have with their natural hair and helps them embrace it.

Penny and the Magic Puffballs – This story of how a little girl’s afro puffs are magical, is the epitome of black girl magic.

I Just Want to Say Goodnight – The illustrations on each page could be framed as a work of art. The story about a little girl who lives in an African village is also beautiful.

The Snow Day – This Caldecott Medal winning story is a classic that I grew up reading and had to share with my own kids.

Dancing in the Wings – This story by Debbie Allen about a budding ballerina who doesn’t fit the stereotypical standards of a ballerina, is fun and inspiring.

Good Morning Superman – My son enjoys this book so much. A little black boy aspiring to be superman…sign us up.

Amazing Grace – This story about a young Trinidadian girl and her many adventures is exciting and relatable to my children who have two Caribbean parents.

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