Cooking with the Kids: Flat Bread Pizza

Cooking with the Kids: Flat Bread Pizza

As much as I dine out, people are often surprised when I tell them I cook regularly too. On most days I like to make quick easy meals, because with a full time job and two young children, it’s the only way to get a meal on the table.  This weekend I decided to get my little ones in the kitchen with me. They love helping me cook and it can be fun activity for them. I wanted to keep it simple so we decided to make  flat-breads. I also wanted to show off these cute apron and chef hats I found in my local Dollar Tree.



I used the mini naan bread because they are the perfect size for a personal pizza. I keep these on hand  in my freezer. They taste great toasted. I’ve served them with hummus as a snack; or  brushed with a little olive oil, and served with a pasta dish.









We topped our flat-breads with shrimp, pineapple, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Of course the possibilities are endless with flat-breads. Pick your favorite toppings and set them up and let your little ones get creative.

IMG_20170716_161403 (1).jpg



Once I got over my kitchen getting a little messy I enjoyed cooking with my little sous chefs and the flat-breads were delicious.

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