Galentine’s Girl’s Night In

Galentine’s Girl’s Night In

Since having kids, the husband and I have made less of a to-do about Valentine’s Day. We have a tradition of ordering in or making dinner at home and sharing something simple like chocolates and a card. I have made Galentine’s a thing though. If you’re unfamiliar with Galentines’s it’s basically when you and your girls get together to celebrate. You can enjoy a Galentine’s celebration regardless of if you’re single or booed up. I share here how my daughter, mother-in-law, and I have an on-going tradition of doing a Galentine’s tea. My brunch club and I decided to get together for a girl’s night in which I think would be a great way to celebrate

Food. So, let’s talk about what’s most important, the menu. For our dinner, we decided to make it an Italian theme dinner and we each brought a dish. Making it a pot luck style dinner makes things easier for the hostess. I also find that when you’re doing pot luck it’s best to set a theme, so you don’t end up with a hodge podge of random foods that don’t compliment each other. Our menu consisted of lasagna, salad, meatballs, and various desserts and wine.

Entertainment. We decided to have a get glam make up session. One of our members, Kori, happens to be a bomb make up artist (you can see her work and products hereShe is bomb!) offered to give us a tutorial on putting together a glam look. We all brought our own makeup and brushes and she schooled us on how to do lashes, smokey eyes, etc. It was so much fun and I learned some new techniques. Having someone come in and do a make-up class is a good option or you can host a passion party. If you just want to keep it low key, then have a chick flick movie viewing. Some of my favorites are The Devil Wears Prada and the Sex and the City Movie (that scene when Carrie gets left at the alter gets me every time *insert tears*).

Have fun. We kept our attire casual with matching leisure wear so we could be relaxed. As much as I enjoy dressing up, I liked being comfy and casual and just hanging out with my friends. I like that Galentine’s day, just as with Valentine’s day, is an opportunity to remind the people in your life just how special they are to you. However you decide to celebrate these holidays, remember that’s what it’s all about.

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