Grown and Sexy Popsicles

Grown and Sexy Popsicles

Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.

 – Will Smith Summertime

My favorite season is Fall, but since having kids, I’ve come to look forward to lazy Summer days, filled with water balloon fights, afternoons in the pool and yummy summer treats like ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. The last few times I dined out, I order drinks that came with popsicles and that got me thinking, these are so fun and cool (literally) I should make my own. The flavor combinations are endless. You can basically make any of your favorite cocktails into popsicles.




I created Moscow Mule pops because as I mentioned in this post, I was obsessed with frozen Moscow Mules while in Vegas. They are so light and refreshing.  A perfect combo for a popsicle.



Of course I had to include a rose’ option because I’m all about rose all day. So strawberry rose pops were on the menu.




I had leftover strawberries and have basil in my garden so I got creative and threw in a strawberry basil pop. I cut up strawberries and basil, mixed in some sugar, and vanilla. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before adding them to the popsicle molds. I filled the molds about halfway and then filled the mold with rum.




These were so easy and delicious  They can be enjoyed as is, or you can get fancy and serve them in a cocktail – using the same ingredients. Or if you’re only trying to do a light weight turn-up you can serve them in a glass with sparkling water, your favorite lemon-lime soda, or juice.

Have you gotten in on the adult popsicle trend? 

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