Meso Maya Review

Meso Maya Review

Hey M&M boos! No posts for the last few weeks because your girl has been busy. I’m just getting back in the swing of things. I was in St. Louis for a week of training for my new job (yeah!) and I went straight from St. Louis to Miami (will have a post about my trip soon) to turn up with my sisters. Make sure you are following me on Instagram so you can keep up with me in between blog posts.


The new Meso Maya, Plano opens September 25th! The Hubs and I met up with some friends and had a double date at the soft opening event this weekend. The menu features classic Mexican dishes but with a sophisticated and more polished feel.


The cocktail menu features a variety of craft cocktails. Of course, there are the staples like sangria and margarita, but even those are updated. The Hubs had an avocado margarita and said it was great. I had the frozen mango margarita and instead of salt the rim had Tajin, a great twist on a classic. They also have a Mexican Mule  that features tequila, it was delicious.

Mango Margarita
Mexican Mule and Avocado Margarita
The El Chaman

The appetizers were fresh and tasty.

Ceviche, Queso, and Guacamole



Everyone enjoyed their entrees.

The Short ribs
Carne Asada



The desserts were yummy too. The chocolate cake is served with vanilla corn ice cream. Sounds crazy I know but it was delicious. There was only a hint of a corn flavor and it complimented the chocolate very well. However, my favorite was the blueberry cake.

Chocolate Cake
Blueberry Cake

If you’ve got a hankering for Mexican, you should definitely check out Meso Maya. I’m looking forward to going back and checking out their brunch.


*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. All reviews for items gifted to me are my own honest opinion.


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