Vision Board Brunch

Vision Board Brunch

Happy New Year Brunchies!!! I hope your holiday season was good. I am still on vacation in Florida soaking up a few more days of sunshine and time with my family. I used December to reflect on the past year and assess what I want the new year to feel like. That way I’m ready to jump into the new year with my goals in place. One process that has helped me get clear about my goals and the habits I want to implement going forward is creating a vision board. In this post I talked about how I go about setting my goals for the new year.

If you’ve never heard of a vision board, it’s basically a concrete way to manifest your desires and put them in the forefront of your mind. You can create a virtual board with clip art and words online. However, I prefer to create a hard copy with poster board and magazine clippings. This past December I hosted a vision board brunch with my brunch club and it was a huge hit. You could easily host one at your home, but I’ve mentioned here that sometimes I find it easier to go to a restaurant to have a dinner party and let them handle the heavy lifting.

I opted to go to Mash’d because they have a great brunch menu and the Frisco, Texas location has a small private room that was perfect for my group. The room had a table and plenty of space for us to spread out and create our boards. If you opt to host your brunch at home see here and here for menu ideas.

I hit up my favorite spot – – – you guessed it, the Dollar Tree, for all of my supplies. I brought poster board, markers, stickers, glue sticks, scissors, and had everyone bring magazines. Make it fun and get creative with your boards. The goal is to make the board appealing because you want to post the board somewhere that you will see often. This is how the board works. By putting these images and words in the forefront of your mind, you are aligning your actions with your intentions.

We ate, sipped blood orange mimosas, and created our boards
while we discussed our plans for the new year. It was a great way to close out the year. Have you created a vision board?

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