10 Best Food shows on Netflix Right Now

10 Best Food shows on Netflix Right Now
Best food shows on Netflix
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The whole world is currently in quarantine and chill mode right now, due to the Corona virus. It’s surreal! Since we can’t dine out and travel is on hold, I’m living vicariously through Netflix. I shared a fun activity here to do at home with kids. Today, I’m sharing the 10 best food shows on Netflix right now. These shows will provide the delicious escape we are desperately craving. I also included some meal ideas for you to nosh while you binge these 10 best food shows on Netflix.

1. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Best Food shows on Netflix Right Now
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In Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat chef Samin Nosrat’s best-selling book of the same name, comes to life. The award-winning chef travels from Italy to Japan, and then to Yucatan demonstrating how these four elements: salt, fat, acid, and heat are the key to creating the perfect dish.

Nosh while you watch

Create your own charcuterie board that features all of the elements while binging on this series.

2. Street Food

Street Food
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Season 1 of Street Food explores the street food scene in Asia. This show sets out to prove that some of the best food in a country isn’t found in a fancy restaurant, but instead at a cart on the street. My favorite episode was in Thailand which highlighted a street vendor who won a James Beard award.

Nosh while you watch

Takeout from your favorite Thai restaurant

3. Food On The Go

Best Food shows on Netflix Right Now
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Food on the Go explores the migration of Italian food to America. What I found fascinating is that many of the dishes we associate today with Italian food are actually a mutation of dishes created by Italian Americans.

Nosh while you watch

Enjoy a bowl of spaghetti bolognese why you binge.

4. Chef’s Table

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Chef’s Table takes us from Russia to Bali, visiting chefs all over the globe. I mentioned here how I’m sort of fangirl for chefs. So, I really enjoyed hearing the chef’s story. This series focuses on how each chef’s upbringing and culture shape their food. My favorite episode was with chef Mashama Bailey in Savanah, Georgia who put a spin on Southern cuisine. I also liked the episodes with chef Christine Martinez who has been a voice for undocumented immigrants and Will Goldfab who left his bustling career as a pastry chef in New York for a different life in Bali.

Nosh while you watch

Have a plate of shrimp and grits while you binge.

5. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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In Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner a wanderlust chef ventures the world with a different celebrity in each episode and food is part of the adventure. Guests include Christy Tiegen, Lena Waithe, and Kate Mckinnon. The guest and chef discuss food, culture, and race with humor. Markesha has been added to my bucket list after watching this show.

Nosh while you watch

Make a shakshuka for breakfast, lunch, or dinner while you binge.

6. Somebody Feed Phil

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Somebody Feed Phil follows former Everyone Loves Raymond producer as he travels the world eating local foods and hanging with the residents. Phil is like a fish out of water as he navigates his way through each country and its cuisine.

Nosh while you watch

Make a hoagie or some sort of meat sandwich while you binge.

7. Ugly Delicious

Best food shows to watch on Netflix
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Ugly Delicious features chef David Cheng as he searches for the best meal in each country he visits. Each episode focuses on a specific dish, such as pizza, tacos, BBQ, etc.

Nosh while you watch

Dine on your favorite pizza–takeout or make your own.

8. The Final Table

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If you’re into cooking competitions, you’ll enjoy The Final Table. Local chefs from different countries compete and are judged by famous chefs and foodies. Competitors make an English breakfast for Cat Deely and tacos for Julio Ce’sar.

Nosh while you watch

Make bangers and mash while you binge.

9. Taco Chronicles

taco chronicles
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Taco Tuesday with history. Taco Chronicles delves into the most popular taco styles and the little known history and traditions behind them.

Nosh while you watch

Your favorite tacos of course.

10. Restaurant on the Edge

Restaurant on the Edge
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In Restaurant on the Edge, a chef, an interior designer, and restaurateur travel abroad to help revive restaurants and keep them from going under (or over the edge). My favorite was the St. Lucia episode because of how it showcased the island, the food, and the people there. The head chef at the restaurant in the St. Lucia episode talked so passionately about his mother and the recipes she passed down to him.

Nosh while you watch

Make a dish with your favorite fish and sip on a rum cocktail while you binge.

You will be ready to book a flight when this is all over and these 10 best food shows on Netflix will provide lots of inspiration for places to add to your bucket list. In the meantime, we can create or order some of the dishes featured in these episodes while we quarantine and chill.

10 best food shows on Netflix
10 best food shows on Netflix


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