Favorite Things Brunch at Al Biernat’s

Favorite Things Brunch at Al Biernat’s

My brunch club did a Favorite Things theme for our January brunch.  If you are not familiar with a Favorite Things party, here is how it works:  each person in the group brings a set number (we had 5 people in our group so each person brought 4 items) of the same item, their favorite thing, to hand out to everyone.  So, everyone leaves the party with a bunch of different items.  We set the budget at $5 per item, because we weren’t trying to break the bank, and we wanted everyone to get creative.


We all showed up to Al Biernat’s for a fun and delicious brunch.  Before our food arrived, and after we started sipping our mimosas (priorities!), we each went around the room and presented our item and explained why it was our favorite thing.

Our Favorite Things!

Everything was so cute and thoughtful.  The ladies really got creative with their items and everyone loved them.  Another cute idea is if you put a theme on the items.  For example, you could do favorite things for self-care, for snacks, for traveling, etc.  The possibilities really are endless.

Corn and Crab Chowder
Sausage Scramble

Favorite Things parties are very popular around the Christmas holiday, but I like the idea of doing them after the holidays, because it gives you something to look forward to after gift giving season is over.  Somehow, each of our items pertained to self-care.  Maybe because self-care is on the top of everyone’s list for 2018.  I think this would also be a cute theme for a Galantines Day gathering.  Who doesn’t like getting gifts on Valentine’s Day?!

Steak and Eggs
Lobster Scramble

Al Biernat’s was also the perfect location for such an occasion.  I highly recommend it for celebratory brunch.



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