Hosting Easter Brunch

Hosting Easter Brunch

Hey Friends, hope you had a great weekend. This past weekend the Hubs and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Capital Grille and my brunch club met for our Spring Fling brunch on Sunday. It was so cute and fun. I’ll have a review of that for you soon.


Today is all about Easter brunch. Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday? If you are not up for cooking and the only thing you plan on making is reservations then check this post on where to go for Easter brunch in the Big D. I’m planning an Easter egg hunt in our yard for the kids. I also make them Easter baskets every year and I’ll be cooking.



To get my home Spring and Easter ready I went to my favorite spot, Dollar Tree. I found decorative Easter eggs, that I added to my floral arrangements, and to apothecary vases. I also stumbled across these little milk bottles that I used as drinking glasses. I found this purple and white floral cloth kitchen towels in the Dollar section at Target and used them as napkins.





The menu was a mix of Caribbean and traditional American brunch foods: spinach quiche, deviled eggs topped with crab, codfish cakes, pumpkin fritters, and croissants.  For dessert I made strawberry cheesecake shooters and got mini cupcakes from the grocery store. How cute are these mini desserts?! I think they are the perfect serving size for kids—and adults (still trying to get snatched for Summer).  Most of these items can be prepared the day before and reheated or put out at room temperature when you are ready to serve.



I hope this inspires you to host a fun and festive Easter brunch. By the way, if you are not following me on Instagram or Facebook please do me a favor and click on the buttons above and follow me. I post all of my foodie adventure on my social media as  well as what I’m working on in the kitchen.


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