I use fresh baby spinach but you can use spring mix, arugula salad, kale, or any of your favorite leafy greens.

A friend put me on to this sweet potato and kale blend. I’ve only found it in Target, in the frozen vegetable section.

If you can’t find this blend then you can cube a roast a sweet potato and sauté a couple handfuls of spinach in a little olive oil.

 I used Granny Smith apples to balance out the sweetness. The crisp tart flavor brings just the right amount of acid.

The creaminess of goat cheese adds texture and richness to this salad.

This salad is filling as is, but you can make it even more of a meal by adding a protein.  I topped my salad with grilled shrimp.

Grab the full list of ingredients and recipe details below, via the link.