Supper Club Dinner: Spring Fling

Supper Club Dinner: Spring Fling

If you’ve been following me on social media or read this post you may know that I launched a supper club. My idea to start a supper club actually started brewing last year, when a number of people reached out to me about joining my brunch club. I mentioned here that my brunch club is really personal and more of an outlet for some of my close friends and I, so I wanted to do something that would be more conducive to people who aren’t familiar with each other to come together. I mulled over the idea for awhile, if I’m being honest, I was kind of scared to start it. I worried about it being fun, and if people would actually show up. I seriously had to have a chat with myself and figure out what I was so scared about. I realized that I was scared of looking silly. Because, what if no one came, or people came and I disappointed them. The Hubs and some of the women that make up my girl squad told me to get out of my head and make this thing happen. So, that’s what I did! And guess what? It turned out amazingly well.

The Mochas and Mimosas Supper Club is a curated dining experience, where foodies come together to sit at one (beautifully designed) table and connect over a good meal. I customize the menu and we have ice breakers and conversation starters to keep things interesting. Oh, and the location is a secret. That’s right. diners have no idea where they are going until a few days before the event. After the date is announced and tickets go on sale, clues are released on my social media accounts to give diners an idea of where we will be dining as well as the menu.

Our first dinner was hosted a Jasper’s in Richardson. The staff there was attentive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for your next corporate or special event. The theme was Spring Fling. Natasha from So Chic Events slayed this tablescape and captured the theme perfectly. You can learn more about Natasha and her beautiful design tips here.

We sipped on crafted cocktails and enjoyed a three course meal. Some of the favorites were the blue cheese chips, the brisket burger, the lemon butter trout, and the chili smoked chicken. I also enjoyed the key lime pie and my grapefruit martini.

I have already started planning the Summer supper club dinner, which will be in July. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and/or Facebook and subscribe here to get updates on the next dinner. The last dinner sold out weeks before the event!

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