Fun and Easy Easter Brunch Ideas

Fun and Easy Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter brunch ideas if you’re planning on hosting brunch at home, it’s a fun and festive way to gather friends and family.

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With Easter fast approaching, many people are starting to plan their celebrations, and hosting an Easter brunch can be a fun and festive way to gather friends and family. If you’re looking for ideas for hosting a memorable Easter brunch, here are some tips to help you get started.

If you are not up for hosting at home and the only thing you plan on making is reservations then check this post, where to go for Easter brunch in north Dallas. However, if you are planning on staying in and hosting brunch at home, then you’ve come to the right place.

Decorations for Easter Brunch

Decorate your table: Set the mood with some festive decorations, like pastel-colored tablecloths, Easter-themed centerpieces, and floral arrangements. You can also add some small Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks around the table for an extra touch of whimsy.

Check stores like Dollar Tree, Target, and Home Goods for inexpensive seasonal décor.  You can add decorative Easter eggs to your floral arrangements or to apothecary vases. 

How cute are these little milk bottles that you can use as drinking glasses.  These purple and white floral cloth kitchen towels were the Dollar section at Target. Use them as napkins. 

Easter Brunch Ideas

What do you eat for Easter Brunch

Plan your menu: Decide on the dishes you want to serve and make a shopping list. Some classic Easter brunch dishes include quiches, frittatas, hot cross buns, deviled eggs, lamb, and ham. However, you can do whatever you like. I enjoy mixing in traditional items as well as a few items  that are just great for Spring brunch. 

You can also add some spring-inspired dishes like asparagus quiche, fruit salad, or carrot cake.

If you want a more breakfast focused brunch, berries are in season this time of year, so a mixed berry French toast.  or black berry pancakes would be great. Set-up a bagel board with flavored cream cheese so guests can help themselves.

Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter Brunch Cocktail

Create a signature cocktail. When hosting brunch at home it’s fun to carry your theme into the drinks.

Make a frose garnished with a Peep. This drink is beyond adorable.

Another option for a cocktail or mocktail is Cherry limeade. It’s always a good idea to offer a non-alcohol drink options. 

Easter Brunch Ideas 

Easter Brunch make ahead

To make hosting either you can serve foods that  you can make ahead which save time the day of. Some items that are great for making ahead are: spinach quiche and deviled eggs.

Serving ready made store bought items is another way to save time and energy.  Mini cupcakes from the grocery store. 

Most of these items can be prepared the day before and reheated or put out at room temperature when you are ready to serve.

You can find many more recipes in my brunch eBook, including roasted lamb. 



Set up an Easter Egg Hunt

Set up an Easter Egg Hunt: Hosting an Easter egg hunt can be a fun activity for both kids and adults. Hide some eggs around your yard or inside your house, and give guests baskets to collect them. You can also hide some special prizes, like chocolate bunnies or other Easter treats.


Easter Brunch Ideas

Provide Activities for Kids

Provide Activities for Kids: If you are expecting children, consider setting up some activities to keep them entertained while the adults mingle. Set up a crafting table with supplies for decorating Easter eggs or make-your-own bunny ears.

Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist: Set the tone for your Easter brunch with a festive playlist. Choose music that’s upbeat and family-friendly, or create a custom playlist with your favorite Easter-inspired tunes. Check Spotify or Youtube for a gospel playlist.

Have Fun with Favors

Have Fun with Favors: Send your guests home with a small gift or treat as a thank you for attending. Consider creating small Easter baskets with candy, or giving guests a spring-themed plant or flower to take home. Like, mini succulents, or seeds to plant.

Treats like chocolates or peeps would make a fun favor.

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