Mocha Moment: Happy New Year

Mocha Moment:  Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I know we are already into the second week of 2018 and many of you have already jumped into your new year’s resolutions and goals. In this month’s Mocha Moments, I am reflecting on 2017, plotting for 2018, and sipping all the tea at this cute coffee shop in the Dallas, Harwood District. Please check it out when you get a chance. It’s the perfect place to sip a yummy drink, eat a pastry (only on your cheat day of course), and set your goals for the New Year!

For me, 2017 was a year of transition and manifestation. I had some big goals last year, and I really focused on developing the habit of goal setting and manifesting my goals. In the beginning of the year I started a journal and wrote out every goal I had that year. These weren’t lofty goals like, make more money and get fine! I was very specific about each goal and the steps I would need to take in order to achieve them. Last week when I reviewed my entries, I was pleasantly surprised that I accomplished 90% of the items on my list. Seeing it on paper, made it real and it served as a reminder that I could truly achieve anything, with the proper plan.

Some of my accomplishments included quitting my job at the firm I had been with for over eight years, and finding a job that met just about every requirement I listed in my journal. I was burnt out at my previous job with all of the travel, and it was very demanding. I finally decided that life was too short to continue to do work that no longer brought me joy and I sought out a job that would.

I let go of toxic relationships which allowed me to make room for genuine, positive, connections, with some really dope people. I made a point to have more fun with the hubs and the kids. And of course, I birthed my blog baby! I am amazed how many great people I have met and the awesome opportunities I have been afforded in the short time I have been blogging.

I think one of the most profound lessons I learned in 2017 is that we actually have a lot more control over our lives than we think. Another take away from last year, is that although we all seek to have joy and success in our lives, very few people can tell you what that would look like for them. That is where the manifesting came in for me. It forced me to think about what a great job looked like for me. What truly brought me joy, and how I wanted my home life to feel. These were the questions I had to think about, and the answers lead me to the goals I set. I envisioned myself already in that space and felt like I was already experiencing it, which I think was instrumental in helping my goals come to fruition.

In 2018, I want to continue to do things and spend time with people that bring me joy. However, I would like to be intentional about my time and energy, because if I am being honest, 2017 was exhausting. Creating this blog has been a great experience and it doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy what you are doing, but I want to make more space in my life this year for stillness (we’ll see how that goes).

Here are some books and podcasts I found helpful with setting my goals:

 Year of Yes – Hilarious, especially if you do the audio book.

Present Over Perfect – Refreshingly honest and includes a spiritual component if that’s your jam.

 Side Hustle Pro, Podcast  – For all my boss babes who are trying to make their passion project into a side hustle.



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