5 Reasons to Visit the We Ate Well Food Tour

5 Reasons to Visit the We Ate Well Food Tour

I saw pictures of the The We Ate Well food Tour floating around on Instagram and jumped at the opportunity to attend. Now I can’t wait to do another tour with this group. The cocktail tour looks pretty amazing! Here are 5 reasons you need to get in on this tour:

1.The food is delicious.

I mean what’s the point of a food tour if the food isn’t delicious?! From the sandwich at Patina Green, to the bread pudding at Rye, and the wine tasting at Landon Winery, every bite was so good, and had me ready to head back for a full course meal.

2. You get a history lesson.

The food tour takes places in historic downtown Mckinney. Along the way, our guide gave us fun facts about the history of the buildings we were visiting and tid bits about what the town was like before its current state. It was interesting hearing about the different families and business that were there before.

3. It’s fun.

Our tour group was so fun. There were locals celebrating a birthday, and people visiting from out of town who wanted a unique way to get a taste of Texas flavor. You can’t help but get to know the other people on the tour and chop it up about food (pun intended). I did the tour with one of my girlfriends and we enjoyed it. This would also make a great date or a fun activity to do with out of town guests.

4. You discover hidden gems.

I have been to downtown Mckinney a number of times, and I didn’t know about half of the places we visited on the tour. I expanded my “places to eat” list after the tour (I can’t be the only one who has such a list). As I mentioned at #1 all of the food was good. Since the tour, I went back to Harvest with my family and had an amazing meal.

5. The tour guide is awesome.

Our tour guide Tricia, is the owner and founder of We Ate Well Food Tours. She was so bubbly, informative, and all around cool. Her personality along with the food, is really what makes the tour so enjoyable. I also love supporting women owned businesses and a woman of color. Be sure to check out on her tours. I promise you wont be disappointed.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. All reviews for items gifted to me are my own honest opinion.

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