Ladies Night In Ideas

Ladies Night In Ideas

Here are some fun ladies night in ideas for hosting a get together with your girls at home. I’m sharing themes, menu options, and fun activities for celebrating Galentines day or just because.

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Ladies Night in THeme Ideas

Typically when I hear ladies nigh in I think of  a social event where women gather together for a night of relaxation and bonding in a comfortable setting, such as someone’s home.

I enjoy a good girls night out, dinner, brunch, and drink with my homies, but there is something about gathering in the comfort of someone’s home, eating a good meal, and kiking with my friends that I really enjoy.

This is also a great way to save money and still have a good old time, because honestly, we know that it’s easy to run a bill up at brunch and dinner  or even happy hour.

The event can include activities such as watching a movie, playing games, cooking or baking together, or simply chatting and catching up. It’s a way for women to spend time together, unwind and have fun in a relaxed and informal setting.

Set a theme: Choose a theme for your party, such as a pajama party, a wine and cheese night, or a DIY craft night. This will help set the tone and give your guests an idea of what to expect.


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If you needed a reason to host a ladies night in (do really need a reason though?!) the Galentine’s day is a great opportunity.

The holiday started as a joke on the show Park’s and Recreation. It has since morphed into a legit holiday for the homies. If you’re unfamiliar with Galentines’s it’s basically when you get together with your girls to celebrate friendship.

You can enjoy a Galentine’s celebration regardless of if you’re single or booed up. I share how my daughter, mother-in-law, and I have an on-going tradition of doing a Galentine’s tea. My friends and I have done Galentine’s brunch, but we decided to switch things up a bit and enjoy a girl’s night in.

Ladies Night in Food Ideas

So, let’s talk about what’s most important
:the menu! For ladies night in, we decided to make it an Italian theme dinner and we each brought a dish.

A pot luck style dinner makes things easier for the hostess. I also find that when you’re doing pot luck it’s best to set a theme, so you don’t end up with a hodge podge of random foods that don’t compliment each other.

Our menu consisted of lasagna, salad, meatballs, various desserts, and wine.

Grazing board parties have been all the rage lately. Having each guest sign up for a different style grazing board is a another great way to put a the menu together.  Some common grazing boards that you can do: wing platter, chips and dips board, dessert board, sushi board, traditional charcuterie board. 

Be sure to have a mix of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and water for your guests. It’s fine to have everyone bring a bottle of wine or create a signature cocktail that you can batch mix or something with minimal ingredients that is easy for you to make. 

Ladies Night In Ideas

Ladies Night In Ideas

Ladies Night In Entertainment Ideas

Once there is food and wine I can have a good time with my friends just sitting around chatting. However, I think having an activity for your ladies night in is always a good idea.

Plan some fun activities for your guests to enjoy. This can include playing games, watching movies, doing DIY crafts, or even having a spa night.

Ladies Night IN Passion Party

Host a passion party. There are companies that will send a host to your home to tell you about passion products and how to use them. Let your hair down and let your inner freak out (ayee!).

Ladies NIght IN Make-up Session

For our ladies night in, we decided to have a get glam make up session. One of our members, Kori, happens to be a make up artist ( She is bomb!) offered to give us a tutorial on putting together a glam look.

We all brought our own makeup and brushes and she schooled us on how to do lashes, and  smokey eyes.

It was so much fun and I learned some new techniques. Find a local make-up artist or even a cosmetology school student come in and give a class. The group can pool together to pay the fee or you can decide if you want to provide it as the host.

Ladies Night In Movies

If you just want to keep it low key, have a chick flick movie viewing.

Some of my favorites are: The Devil Wears Prada, The Sex and the City Movie, Brown Sugar, Love and Basketball, and The Best Man. Make sure to include a popcorn bar.

Galentine's Day: Girls Night In Ideas

Ladies Nigh IN Cocktail Making Activity

Instead of having a signature cocktail why don’t you and your girls make the cocktails as the activities. 

You can find a virtual cocktail making class on-line, hosted by a mixologist or find a recipe or video on Youtube of someone making cocktails to be your guide. The host could also spear head the teaching if you feel comfortable with your drink mixing skills.

You can go for a theme, like gin cocktails or rum cocktails. Grab my free cocktail guide if you need some cocktail ideas. 

Just be sure to have all of the tools and ingredients ready for your guests to make the cocktails.

Hosting Ladies Night at home

We kept our attire casual with matching leisure wear so we could be relaxed. As much as I enjoy dressing up, I liked being comfy and casual and just hanging out with my friends.

I like that Galentine’s day, just as with Valentine’s day, is an opportunity to remind the people in your life just how special they are to you. However you decide to celebrate these holidays, remember that’s what it’s all about.

Keep it low-key: Remember that the purpose of Ladies Night In is to relax and catch up with friends. Don’t stress too much about making everything perfect, just enjoy the company of your friends. Have a camera ready: Take pictures and videos of the night so you can all look back on the memories and share them on social media. Bonus points if you have a polaroid camera and can take pics for your guests to take home with them. And if not, just share your pics in the group chat!


I hope you found this tips and ideas for hosting a ladies nigh in helpful.  Please share with your friend and save on Pinterest for future reference.

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