Mocha Moment: Wow Donuts

Mocha Moment: Wow Donuts

Since May is all about Mothers, I thought Mom themed book recommendations would be fitting.  I also wanted to share with you this cute new donut shop I discovered when I attend a blogger meetup the other day.  Wow Donuts has many unique flavored donuts that will make it hard for you to decide on which one to try first (you know you’re going to get more than one). The shop is also chocked full of backdrops for you to get that ubiquitous shot for “the gram”.  There is also a great selection of coffees and teas (which I was really into). Soon they will be featuring the option to have a tea experience, where you get a tray and a whole set-up for your tea. I can’t wait to try that.  You know I know how I feel about tea.




The books:

The Mothers, by Brit Bennett

After I read The Mothers, I was telling every woman I knew that they had to read this book.  It was on my list of favorite books for 2017. I even went on the author’s Instagram page because I just had to tell her how much I enjoyed it.  It’s a simple story of boy meets girl, but of course, there are many twists along the way. The writing is simple and intimate, in that way of telling a story to your closest friend, not overdone or dramatic, but real.  It’s also a story about community, love, betrayal,  and family.

Mother, Mother: A Novel, by Koren Zailckas

This is definitely not one of the warm and fuzzy feel good Mother’s day books, but if you are looking for a thriller (think Mommy Dearest) then this is it.  Mother, Mother takes you on wild ride as a family tries to find out what happened to their eldest daughter who disappeared. The story is told through first person accounts of the other two children, a son and daughter.  What I found most interesting about this book is how children can grow up in the same house with the same parents and have such different viewpoints on their parents and the events that occurred in their shared lives.


Where’d You Go Bernadette, by Maria Semple

This novel is a bit unconventional as it is told mostly through letters and emails that a daughter discovers as she is trying to piece together what happened when her mother goes missing.  It’s not a sad story though, it is actually very satirical and there are laugh out loud moments. If you’re looking for a fun light hearted story about how sometimes women lose themselves in motherhood and wake up one day not sure who they are and how they got there, then you should give this one a read.

Have you read any good books with motherhood as the theme?  If so leave a recommendation in the comments. Also, if you’ve read or read any of my recommendations, please let me know your thought.

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