Insanely Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas

Insanely Easy and Fun Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas

Here are some easy and fun Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas. Want to host brunch for Valentine’s day? Keep reading to find cocktail and brunch recipes, menu ideas and décor inspiration.

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Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas

Hosting a Valentine’s Day brunch is a great way to show your friends and family how much you care! Whether it’s for Galentine’s day, a romantic brunch with bae, or a sweet way to celebrate with your kids as a family, here are some Valentine’s day brunch ideas and tips to ensure your brunch is a success.

Choose a theme for your valentine's day brunch

Whenever you’re hosting, I think choosing a theme is a great way to make your event and the aesthetics cohesive. Decide what type of Valentine’s day brunch you’re hosting. Will this be more of a girls only Galentine’s brunch? A kid friendly playdate, or a romantic brunch for two or with other couples?

Make sure to have enough space for guests to move comfortably and consider a separate area for children if they will be attending. 

Valentine's Day Brunch decoration Ideas

Once we know what type of event we’re having you can set the mood with decorations. Pink, red, and purple are typical Valentine’s day colors. You can keep it classic and keep this color scheme with heart shaped balloons for a whimsical look. 

If this was for adults only you could put out red and pink roses in small vases. Set the table with a cute runner depending on how formal you want your brunch to be. You can play with textures too for your table runner or tablecloth. Using a silk or velvet table runner can bring a more dramatic element to your decoration. 

Use a mix of tall and tealight candles to set a romantic mood. Even if this it’s a daytime event like brunch we can still set a mood. Play a romantic playlist, or a fun girl power playlist depending on the theme.

For my table I found a fabric at Walmart that was in the style of conversation hearts.

Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas Click on the Image to Purchase on Amazon

Valentine's Brunch Ideas Click on the Image to Purchase on Amazon

Valentine’s Day Brunch Activities

For a kids friendly brunch, I would have a craft, or game like Valentine’s bingo or some sort of activity to keep them occupied.

If it’s a romantic or girls only event for adults, you can consider watching a chick flick or a rom com. Play a group game like Adult Pictionary which can be risqué and hilarious. Another activity for both adults and kids is a cookie decorating kit. You can typically find these in your local grocery store or online.

Play Karaoke and have guests only sing love songs, duets, or songs that promote self-love—Alex play Lizzo’s “It’s About Damn Time.”

Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas
Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas
Valentine's Day Brunch Ideas

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Valentine's Day Brunch Menu Ideas

Set out a heartfelt and heart filled charcuterie board for your guest to snack on while you wait for everyone to arrive. My board consisted of herb cream cheese hearts I made with a silicon mini heart mold tray. I paired the cream cheese with crackers, store-bought heart shaped cookies, berries, and chocolate covered pretzels. A little sweet and salty mix is perfect to hold your guest over before brunch starts.

For the perfect Valentine’s Day brunch, plan a menu that includes a mix of sweet and savory dishes. Why not try some of these delicious recipes from my brunch E-book

The Perfect menu using the E-book recipes would be:

Lobster Benedict

Brunch Biscuits

Strawberry pop-tarts

Brunch E-book
Brunch E-book
Brunch E-book

Some other ideas:

Bagel board with herb cream cheese

yogurt parfaits with homemade granola.

Berry pancakes with fruit compote or Brioche French toast

Valentine’s day brunch cocktails and drink ideas

Create some fun drinks that tie in with the theme. Make sure to offer a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Mimosas or some sort of bubbles is a must as far as cocktails go, as well as coffee and tea, or a hot chocolate. 

Use this heart shaped mold to create an on theme bubbles and berries cocktail. I used store bought cold brew and filled mini heart molds to jazz up an iced coffee. Offer different flavored coffee creamers for a hot or iced coffee bar. 

A great way to make your guests feel extra special is by sending them off with some sweets (store bought or homemade) and a nice note letting them know how much you appreciate them being in your life.

Click on the images below to purchase.

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