How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party

How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party

Get ready to have your best year yet, and plan a fun vision board party.

The post How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party was first published on January 2, 2019.


Happy New Year Brunchies!!! I hope your holiday season was good. 

To get us all the way together and ready to crush our goals for the new year, lets host a vision board brunch party!

Hosting a vision board brunch can be a fun and inspiring way to start the new year! Here are some tips on how to host a successful vision board brunch:


What is a vision board?

A vision board is a concrete or visual way to set your goals and intentions. The concept stems from the Law of Attraction, and the idea that you can manifest your desires and put them in the forefront of your mind by visualizing them.

There are many ways to create vision boards. You can create a virtual board with clip art and words online. Use magazine clippings, or find your own photos online that you cut and paste to a board. I prefer to create a hard copy with pictures I cut and paste.

In the past I’ve done my board on a big poster. However, I found that cumbersome and the board ended up in the corner of my room somewhere, which defeated the purpose.

Now, I create my board on an 8×10 paper that I frame and put on my desk or nightstand, so I see it daily.


Creating a vision board helps me get clear about my goals. I figured hosting a vision board brunch would be a fun and inspiring way for my brunch club and I to create our boards and set our intentions for the new year. You can read more here about how I set my goals for the new year.

Planning a Virtual Vision Board

A virtual vision board party could be where everyone creates their board ahead of time and you present them and talk about it as way to hold each other accountable.

Consider hosting the party on Zoom or the House Party app.

For more ideas check out my post on how to host a virtual Friendsgiving  Or just follow the same agenda as an in-person vision board party detailed below.

How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party

How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party

How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party



Planning a Vision Board Brunch Party

Brunch is kind of my thing so it only made sense to host a vision board brunch. However, a vision board party can easily be done as lunch, light bites, dinner, or even a dessert and sips party.

You could host at your home, but I’ve mentioned here that sometimes I find it easier to host at a restaurant and let them handle the heavy lifting.

I hosted my brunch at Mash’d, in Frisco, Texas because they have a great brunch menu and this particular location has a small private room that was perfect for our group.

The room had a table and plenty of space for us to spread out and create our boards.


If you’ve been following the blog for a while you can probably guess where I went for all of my supplies— the Dollar Tree! I brought poster board, markers, stickers, glue sticks, scissors.

Invite your friends and ask them to bring their own magazines and scissors.

If you are hosting at home, set up a table with a variety of craft supplies: glue sticks, tape, markers, scissors, poster boards, etc.

Make it fun and get creative with your boards. The goal is to make the board appealing because you want to post the board somewhere that you will see often.


Creating a vision board can be very personal, because you are sharing your aspirations as well as challenges you want to work on.

The ladies I invited to my vision board brunch party were are all very familiar with each other. However, If you’re hosting a group of people who don’t know each other you should start with an ice breaker.

A good ice breaker can be to have everyone share one thing they want to do more of in the new year and one thing they’d like to leave behind.

Have each person choose a goal they want to focus on and encourage them to cut out images and words that represent their goal and vision.

Spend time discussing the goals, dreams, and visions each person has for the upcoming year and offer support and encouragement.

This along with the cocktails will help everyone loosen up and get comfortable with each other.

Vision Board Brunch Party Menu

If you opt to host your brunch at home see here and here for menu ideas. Also consider serving breakfast tostadas or French toast at your brunch.

How to Host a Vision Board Brunch Party


Mash'd French Toast

Don’t forget the cocktails! After surviving this past year cocktails are a must!

Set up a mimosas bar with sparkling wine (each guess can bring a bottle to share) and have juices on the side to mix in.



Once all the boards are complete, take a group photo and celebrate the start of a new year!

We left our vision board brunch party, truly inspired and motivated about our plans for the new year.

You can also agree to  start a group chat and check in with each other at the end of each quarter to hold each other accountable for your goals.

Let me know in the comments if you created a vision board this year and if you’ve ever attended a vision board party.

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