Best Brunch in Dallas

Best Brunch in Dallas

Hello Brunch Bunch, Happy New year! I hope you had a great holiday season filled with lots of love and of course delicious eats. If you’re new to the blog (Welcome!) you may not know that a few years ago I started a brunch club with some of my friends. I talked all about it here. We started the club back in 2016 and we have yet to repeat a restaurant for brunch. That just goes to show how on and poppin’ the Dallas brunch scene is. Since we’re in the season of reminiscing about the previous year, I figured I’d share the best brunches in Dallas 2019. Honorable mention goes to Stock and Barrel. I didn’t visit with my brunch club, but I went in 2019 and did a full review on it here.

1. Henry’s Majestic

Henry’s majestic-The food and service were good. The highlight of the whole brunch experience at Henry’s is their mimosa bar. You order your mimosa which comes in a mini carafe that gets you about two mimosas, depending on your champagne to juice ratio. You head to the bar area where there are different juices as well as fruit and other flavorful toppers for your mimosas.

Best Brunches in Dallas
Sipping the mimosa I created
Best Brunches in Dallas
French Toast

2. The Henry

The Henry– The Henry is one of the newer restaurants on the Dallas brunch scene. It’s definitely a vibe with cute decor, good food and drinks, and lots of instagramable spaces. If you take a picture in front of the famous arrow and tag The Henry on Instagram you get entered to win a gift card. My photo was actually selected one month (Yeah Me!).

3. Fearing’s at the Ritz-Carlton

Fearing’s – If you’re looking for a super fancy upscale brunch, Fearing’s is where it’s at. The service is superb and the menu is delicious. The complimentary bread basket they start you off with, is enough to write home about —I may or may not have ordered a second basket. 

Best Brunches in Dallas
The Delicious Bread Basket
Best Brunches in Dallas
Fried Lobster Tail Salad

4. Eggsquisite Cafe

Eggsquisite Cafe– this place is low key and casual. It’s definitely somewhere to keep in mind for brunch with the family. It has a diner feel with your classic brunch favorites. One cool thing about this place is it’s  BYOB, so you can bring your own champs or Prosecco and they give you the juice to mix in. 

Best Brunches in Dallas
Veggie Omelet

5. City Council, Dallas

City Council – offers fun patio vibes. So keep in mind for a weekend when the weather is nice. They are known for their unique selections of boozy cereals. Think Apple Jax and and apple Henny—yes, it’s totally a thing.

Best Brunches in Dallas
Best Brunches in Dallas
Banana Fosters Waffle
Best Brunch in Dallas 2019

My brunch club has already started planning our 2020 brunches. I’d love to hear about your favorite brunch spots from 2019. Let me know in the comments. Also be sure to check out my guide for the best Boozy Brunch Deals in Dallas.

Best Brunches in Dallas 2019
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