Friendsgiving Brunch Ideas

Friendsgiving Brunch Ideas

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A Friendsgiving is the perfect gathering to kick off the holiday season. Today I’m giving you tons of Friendsgiving brunch ideas and tips for hosting a successful Friendsgiving.

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What is Friendsgiving?

Since Thanksgiving is typically when we get together with family, Friendsgiving is when you get your besties together and enjoy a great meal. I tend to think of Friendsgiving as the less formal prequel to the big day.

People typically do a pot lock style meal where they often serve traditional Thanksgiving food or switch up and do a themed meal that strays away from the usual Thanksgiving dishes.

Friendsgiving Brunch Ideas

How to celebrate Friendsgiving

The holidays will likely look very different this year due to the pandemic. Many people are unable to travel to visit with family or your Thanksgiving gathering may include a smaller group.

Hosting a Friendsgiving is a great way to celebrate with your homies before you have the officially gathering with your family.

Let get into these lit Friendsgiving ideas.

Friendsgiving theme ideas 

Thanksgiving is usually filled with traditional dishes like turkey and all the fixings. I like to do something different for Friendsgiving like Italian or Chinese food. Having a bunch of appetizers is also a fun idea.

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day so naturally a Friendsgiving brunch is the theme I suggest. Brunch is the perfect meal because you can bring in traditional favorites or throw tradition out the window and have fun with it.

Friendsgiving invitation

Whenever I’m hosting an event I like to send an invite to keep all of the RSVPs in one place, and so people will have the details readily available. It’s just convenient for everyone.

You can create free invites on sites like Canva and E-vite.

Be sure to include: date, time, address, and dress code. If you are doing a pot luck style Friendsgiving or a theme, make sure your guest are aware and can respond with the items they are bringing. The last thing you want is a bunch of people bringing the same dish.

Virtual Friendsgiving ideas

Due to the pandemic, celebrations look very different this year. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting In person for Friendsgiving, you can still have fun with a virtual event. Set-up a Zoom, Google Meets, or get with your friends on the Houseparty app.

You can play games like Pictionary or charades. Everyone can agree to make the same dish to eat at home or order food from the same place, to make it special.

Friendsgiving décor ideas 

You know I live for a good tablescape. This is a good time to pull out your Fall décor and snag some of those post Halloween items that have gone on sale.

Use mini pumpkins, fresh or dried flowers, and a nice table cloth to jazz up the scene.

Friendsgiving brunch ideas

Friendsgiving Brunch food ideas

Create a grazing board

I’m currently obsessed with grazing boards. I like the idea of putting out snacks for your guest and presenting them in this unorganized, yet beautiful way. This would be a good way to set out snacks and appetizers. Brunch foods like mini bagels and different flavored cream cheeses

Cheese and assorted crackers and fruits

Sliced sweet breads or mini muffins like pumpkin and banana with flavored whipped butter.

Assorted mini doughnuts and doughnut holes

Do it yourself brunch bar

Setting up different food bars are a good way to allow your guest to customize their meal and allows the host relax because you set everything out and guest help themselves. Some fun brunch food bar ideas are:

friends giving brunch ideas

Grits bar

Prepare a pot of plain grits and include toppings like shrimp, cheese, chives, butter, bacon pieces. You can even put sugar and cinnamon out for those weirdos that like sweet grits.

French toast/pancake/waffle bar

Make French toast, pancakes, or waffles and put out toppings like different berries, whipped cinnamon butter, cooked apples, maple syrup, and whipped cream.

Oatmeal bar

Similar to the grits bar, make a pot of plain oatmeal and set out toppings like, dried fruit, berries, apple cubes, peanut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Toast bar

Put out different breads, like sour dough, raisin, and brioche. Set-up bowls of different spreads such as, mashed avocado, Nutella, and egg salad.

brunch ideas

Drink Station

Setting up different drink stations is another way to allow your guests to help themselves and take the pressure off of the host, to keep refilling glasses. This holiday cocktail guide has tons of simple cocktail recipes.

Water station – Regardless of what types of drinks you create, you must have water available for your guests. Fill a pitcher or drink dispenser with orange slices, fresh cranberries, and/or fresh mint to create a festive water station.

Hot Chocolate or coffee

Apple Cider

Mimosa or Bloody Mary Bar – You can’t have brunch without booze!

Apple cider Mimosas

You’ll be eating more than enough turkey and sides for the rest of the year, so why not switch things up with a friends giving brunch.

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For recipe and cocktail ideas check out my Brunch E-book that is filled with hosting tips and delicious, easy to create recipes.

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