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Original Chop Shop

We are well into 2019 now. How are you doing with the goals you set for this year? I talked here about how I created a vision board and set my intentions for the year. One of my goals this year was really to find balance with my eating. Brunchies, it’s been a struggle for me as a foodie who wants to be fine. Last year, while I was pretty consistent with working out, my nutrition was not balanced. I especially found it difficult when I dined out. This year I’m trying to make better food choices and not have FOMO (fear of missing out) when I opt to eat clean. The whole “treat yoself” mindset that I often have when I’m at a restaurant, has led me to make some really unhealthy choices. Picking a restaurant with a health conscious menu that is also tasty is probably the first step. All of the yummy and clean meals I’m sharing today are from Original Chop Shop. I love that Original Chop Shop’s menu consist of delicious Buddha bowls that you can customize to fit your dietary needs (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, etc). Today I’m sharing some things that helped me make better choices when I dine out.

Eat breakfast. I know it’s an old rule, but it’s stuck around for a reason. I find when I eat a good protein heavy breakfast, I stay full for most of the day and I’m less likely to snack too much before lunch. I mentioned here that I enjoy a good smoothie bowl. It’s also a great way to get greens in at breakfast. When I start my day off with a good breakfast it helps keep me on track even if I dine out for lunch or dinner.

Pitaya bowl,

Drink your water but not your calories. We’ve heard the importance of drinking half of our body weight in water. I keep a 16 oz water bottle with me and try to fill it at least four times for the day. When I dine out I always order water with lemon or a flavored unsweetened ice tea and make an effort to finish my glass during my meal. You guys know how I enjoy a good cocktail or glass of vino and bubbles, but those empty calories definitely add up. I’ve limited myself to 2 drinks a week. I also go for wine or champagne over a margarita or cocktail because there is usually no telling how much sugar are in those drinks. When I would drink alcohol during the week I would wake up sluggish and struggle through my morning workouts…if I didn’t hit the snooze button.

Sipping on the Slim Squeeze Juice

Scope out the menu before I go. I find that when I check out the menu and decide what I’m going to order before I go, I’m more inclined to make a healthy choice and stick to it. Many times when I just wing it, I end up being influenced by someone I’m eating with and feel the need to go all in on the menu. Making a choice before I go helps me feel more confident about my decision and I’m less inclined to feel like I’m missing out on eating the good stuff (i.e. a less healthy option).

Beet Salad
Green Curry Tofu
Thai coconut chicken with forbidden rice

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. All reviews for items gifted to me are my own honest opinion.


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