How to Throw the Best Picnic Party

How to Throw the Best Picnic Party

I’m going to help you throw the best picnic party. Your picnic party can be low key and casual, or a fancy event with all the fanfare. Around here the motto is do you boo! Either way it’s going to be great.

Spring and Fall are the perfect season for picnics. The beautiful weather makes me want to dine al fresco for every meal. Outdoor entertaining is definitely the move this time of year, and what better way to do it than with a picnic party. 

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How to Throw the Best Picnic Party

Where should you host a picnic party

If you’ve got a decent size patio or yard then take advantage by hosting your picnic party in your own backyard (I had to do it lol). Lay some pallets out for a bohemian feel. Or utilize whatever patio furniture you have to set-up your food.

A park, beach, or any outdoor space with a scenic view is another great option. Last year when dining in wasn’t an option because of the pandamonium, my brunch club met for picnic brunches at different parks. 

Picnic Theme Ideas

I live for a good theme and although one isn’t necessary, I think it helps anchor the festivities and allows you to elevate an event and get creative with your food and décor.

Some really fun picnic themes include, bohemian, spring or Fall colors, depending on what time of year you’re hosting your picnic. Last spring, my brunch club did a “picnic in pink  theme”, where we all wore pink. You can also incorporate your food into your theme. For example for the picnic in pink some pink foods to bring the theme to life would be think  pink desserts, smoked salmon, pink lemonade, rose wine. 

To further illuminate your theme, you could add fun pillows, and a colorful rug or blanket. A small vase or mason jar with flowers are another cute way to dress-up your picnic area. Flameless candles are another way to set the scene and the vibe of your picnic and they are practical if you keep the party going after sundown. 

How to Throw the Best Picnic Party

What to serve at a picnic party

Let’s talk about food, this is after all what makes this a picnic and not just a day at the park!  


What you serve all depends on the vibe of your picnic. You can keep it simple with snacks like a charcuterie box/board or go all out with sushi rolls, sandwiches, and different salads. Keep in mind, foods that can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature are ideal.

air fryer fried green tomato blt
fried goat cheese salad
picnic party


Serving your drinks in unique cups and glassware can be another way to bring your theme to life and make your picnic more fun. 

I mentioned some drink ideas above. Also consider flavored water with citrus slices, mint, and other colorful fruits and herbs.  Drinks can be kept in a bottle or carafe that can be sealed. 

mint water

If you want something a little stronger than water, consider serving:


Guinness Punch

Watermelon granita

Boozy Popsicles 

Watermelon Granita Recipe

Picnic Party Supplies

Here are some of the items I bring to my picnics. You can find more options here.

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