Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Friendsmas Party

Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Friendsmas Party

See these tips for hosting a fabulous Friendsmas party that your friends will enjoy. Food, drink and, activities to keep everyone happy.

What is a Friendsmas Party

By now you may have heard of Friendsgiving, which is Thanksgiving for friends. Well, naturally Christmas needed a holiday just for friends too, hence Friendsmas. It’s a thing, get into it! 

You’ve probably been celebrating Friendsmas for a while and didn’t even realize it. Any festive holiday gathering with friends is essentially Friendsmas.



This post is sponsored by Salata Salad Kitchen. All opinions are my own.

Friendsmas Party

Friendsmas hosting ideas

There are so many fun ways to host a Friendsmas party. You can do it as an adults only party, or bring kids in on the fun. It can be casual and whimsical, or more of a formal dinner party vibe. 


For my Friendsmas party I decided to invite some of my mom friends and their kids over for lunch. I wanted it to be fun but chill and relaxed.

Friendsmas Party
Friendsmas Party

Friendsmas Party food ideas

Brunch is generally my go to meal of choice when hosting at home. But I decided to go for a lunch menu this time. I ordered catering through Salata Salad Kitchen

I really like that Salata carries a variety of fresh and clean ingredients that are delicious and filling but still healthy. 


The online ordering process was easy. I picked my food up at the requested time and it was bagged and ready for me when I arrived.


I went with the Signature Experience which offered a great selection of items. The meal came with a build your own salad bar set-up, which included mixed greens, a variety of salad toppings, grilled chicken, croutons, pita chips, mini croissants and 3 different salad dressings.

The Signature Experience also had 5 different wraps, some were vegetarian and some had grilled chicken.


We all enjoyed being able to customize our own salads. I’ve mentioned before how I like to set-up food stations when I’m entertaining so guests can help themselves. It takes so much of the work off of the host.

Our meal came with an assortment of cookies and a fruit salad, which was delicious and perfect for the kids. I appreciated that our meal and dessert were covered in the one catering order and there were options for people sticking to a healthy end to their meal, or those who wanted to splurge a bit, like myself. 



Friendsmas Party
Friendsmas Party

Friendsmas Party drink ideas

A featured cocktail is always a nice touch. However, this time I went with a classic —mimosas. I set a bucket up with lemonade in a carafe for the kids and any moms that didn’t want to drink. Moms helped themselves to orange juice and prosecco and created their own mimosas. 

I added water and mint leaves to a pitcher of ice water to spruce up our hydration. 

holiday cocktail guide
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Friendsmas Party activity ideas

Whenever I have a playdate, I like to have at least one structured activity, that is optional for the kids to participate in. I found foam gingerbreads, stickers, and eyes in Dollar Tree, and set a craft out for the kids who wanted to make their own gingerbreads.  

Cookie decorating or gingerbread house building would be another fun activity. If you have a super crafty group you could also do a painting activity. I also like the idea of holiday song karaoke once everyone has loosened up a bit. 

Even if you don’t do karaoke, you should definitely create a holiday playlist with your favorite holiday songs to set the mood for your Friendsmas party. We jammed to holiday tunes and the kids played amongst themselves while the moms chatted. It was a great time!

Friendsmas Party

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